It is fundamental that you receive holistic health care based on your unique condition.  Holistic principles guide our understanding of how genetics, environment, diet, physical and emotional traumas, all combine to affect our health and wellness.

It is not enough to purchase over-the-counter supplements, or a boot camp-style training program.  Where western herbalism uses single plants (ginkgo for memory, St. John’s Wort for depression, Kava Kava for anxiety), TCM herbalists combine 5-15 herbs in complex combinations, to treat underlying patterns of imbalance.  This is where true healing occurs.

Consulting a professional is the best way to find out what works for you. You need a solution that gets to the heart of why you lack vitality, fertility, energy, health or happiness.  Where you grew up, significant life events, prior illness, family health history, work stress, etc., all combine to create the masterpiece of you.  And you deserve individualized solutions.

Our wellness coaching and supplements are based on these holistic principles and provide natural plant-based methods.  Get started now by booking a free consultation to find out how we will be able to help your life sing!

lynne Vance, Rn, Lac, Mtom 

lynne Vance, Rn, Lac, Mtom 

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Treatment of women's health issues using acupuncture, plant-based herbal medicine, and coaching using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


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