Anti-Aging & Vitality

We understand that sometimes, you just don't feel like yourself. Perhaps due to your busy life, you may be experiencing fatigue, weight gain or inability to lose weight, lack of mental clarity, dark under-eye circles, decreased libido, and general symptoms associated with aging.

As we age, our cell turnover decreases, systems become less efficient, and it becomes more difficult to function as we did when we were younger. Our supplements can provide safe, effective solutions to help heal your body to increase your vitality.

Many have chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders that contribute to these problems. In most cases, our supplements are safe to take along with medications like insulin, to enhance your wellness. 

Experience a natural solution to enhanced hormone production. Don't just take our word for it...many clients with low hormone levels return to their MD for blood work confirming they have increased hormone production after taking our supplements.

Enhanced Skincare From Within

Step One: Heal internally with natural supplements

Our diagnostic method views acne, dark spots, rosacea, dry skin, eczema, etc. as an internal imbalance that is reflected outward on the skin. By completing our detailed assessment and completing an exam, we will be able to provide you a custom formula to address your needs.

If you limit skin treatments to external products, your underlying condition will never improve. By taking our supplements, your system will heal, leading to elimination of the skin condition. Of course, lifestyle recommendations will also be very important in preventing future skin problems from resurfacing.

As you take your supplements, it will take some time for skin conditions to resolve. That is why we also created a line of herbal aromatherapy masks to be used as an external skin treatment that can be rotated into your current skincare routine. Masks are completely natural, and are made of ingredients like oats, clay, Chinese herbs and essential oils.

Step Two: Apply healing mask with herbs & aromatherapy

We recommend mask application twice weekly for best results. Simply exfoliate first, apply mask with a fan brush, and rinse! As an added bonus, the essential oils used in our products can be applied as stand-alone treatments for minor issues.

We have been using these herbal aromatherapy masks in our physical locations with great results! Whatever your skin type, we have a treatment that will not dry out your skin, and leave you with a fresh, healthy complexion.


Facial Service Demo

Choose one of the following masks available soon for purchase at our store:

NOURISHING - for normal to oily skin or dry skin

ANTI-AGING - gentle exfoliation with nourishing ingredients

BRIGHTENING - to reduce dark spots

MOISTURIZING - for sensitive skin

COOLING - for acne and rosacea

Coming Soon!!!