Digestive Health

What if I told you, that your smoothies, raw food diets, and easy weight loss solutions are not the keys to living a healthy, vibrant life? And what if you learned, your ‘healthy’ diet is actually causing more damage?!?

Common mistakes we encounter:

  • Eating too many cold and raw foods that weakens digestion more

  • People diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease eating high-fiber diets or ‘cleansing’ with laxatives

  • Women with hormone imbalances eating a lot of soy-based products

  • People who believe they are gluten intolerant when they actually have a chemical sensitivity

Excess stress, overwork, and not getting enough sleep can weaken your microbiome and your digestive system’s ability to process food. Instead of the food you eat causing your symptoms, your digestive system is weak, preventing the proper absorption of nutrients. No program in the world will work if your system is not healthy enough to process the foods you eat.

Why not strengthen your digestive system instead?

Our program is designed to:

1) identify potential food intolerances that lead to many inflammatory symptoms

2) provide dietary recommendations for foods to indulge in and foods to avoid meant to allow your system to heal itself, and

3) provide supplements (if desired) based on a thorough intake and examination that will improve your gut microbiome.

We will also provide strategies to sustain changes long-term.