Why do I need to fill out a questionnaire & have an exam?

We use principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine  to identify and treat imbalances in your body, that manifest in physical symptoms like fatigue, bloating, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, etc. By requiring a complex questionnaire and an exam, we are able to provide a unique diagnosis and recommend a specific formula for you.

Our supplements are typically a blend of anywhere between 10-15 herbs that are artfully combined to work together to address the cause of your symptoms. This is based on thousands of years of practice, that has also been verified by clinical research.

What is the Supplement Re-Order Appointment?

The Re-Order appointment is a safety check to make sure your wellness is on track, and to verify that you are not taking any new medications.

As your condition improves, your supplements will need to adjust. You may also find you can discontinue taking supplements within 3-6 months.

There are occasions when one condition must be treated before another. In this situation ordering different supplements is common.

How do I get my fees waived?!?!?!

Any client or patient involved in active treatment with a qualifying provider does not have to pay the $59 Wellness Exam fee or the $20 Supplement Re-order fee. Because you are in active treatment, the diagnosis is provided and exam unnecessary. We still require the forms to be filled out. Please list the name of the referring provider, and date of last treatment on the assessment form. Active treatment includes in-office visits within the past 30 days.

What is the difference between custom supplements and a custom-blended formula?

Our supplier has several hundred preparations on-hand to choose from. Custom supplements are chosen for each client individually by a qualified professional. We do have options in our online store that are safe for general use.

Occasionally, clients will present with a very complex condition that requires one of our herbalists to write a custom blend of different herbs and formulas. This is more likely with advanced illness, or very chronic difficult to resolve conditions.

What if I am taking medications?

Occasionally, supplements can interfere with medications. If you are on any blood thinners (coumadin, warfarin, etc.) there are some supplements you should avoid. Also, taking antacids may interfere with absorption of supplements. This is why we require an exam with a licensed professional before purchase.

Do you supply raw herbs?

Ensuring quality and purity of raw herbs can be difficult, so for safety reasons, we only provide herbs in capsule or granule form. Based on our 15 years of experience, capsules and granules are best for compliance and efficacy.

How much do supplements cost?

Pricing varies according to condition and dosing recommendation. Generally speaking, most recommendations cost about $3/day. Therapeutic doses are usually double maintenance doses, taken for less time. On occasion, a client may need to take more than one formula. Custom-blended formulas have additional cost.

How long does treatment take?

The most common situation is to take supplements one month for every year you have experienced symptoms. We find that most conditions improve within 3-6 months of consistent treatment with supplements.

Of course, there is also occasion to take supplements symptomatically. For example, if you catch a cold the same time every year, you can supplement one month prior to the time you usually become ill to avoid getting sick.

Also, in some cases, due to their gentle nature, you may take some supplements long term at a lower dose. This is more common with anti-aging solutions.

Where do your supplements come from?

Herbs are individually prescribed, and delivered from suppliers that voluntarily conduct testing for purity and efficacy.  We are very focused on quality of products, safety and results.

Our primary supplier of herbal formulas follows CITES certification, to ensure biodiversity and endangered species are protected.  Click here to learn more.

What is wrong with store supplements?

Nothing! Many times, store supplements can be useful, as long as quality products are purchased. Our method is more complex, and requires an experienced professional to guide you through your wellness process.

Additionally, store supplements are often packaged in doses that are not clinically useful. Our supplements are clinical-grade, which often produces better results in a shorter time, ultimately saving you time and money.

Are supplements vegan or gluten-free?

Supplements are available as gluten-free, but our capsules are gelatin. We can offer vegan supplements if requested, available in powder form, that are consumed as tea. Make sure to let your professional know of your preferences during the intake process.

The herbal pharmacopoeia contains plant, animal and mineral sources. If you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, we can still accommodate your needs, but this may require a custom-blended formula and will be available as powder only.

Why do I have to take so many capsules?

Supplements are prescribed by grams taken per day. In order for the proper dose to be administered, it takes more capsules. You may request a powder form, to be mixed in hot water and consumed as tea. In our experience it is easier to carry capsules with you for that second dose during the day.

What is TCM?

TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a complete healthcare system consisting of acupuncture, herbal therapy, bodywork and energy work like tai chi. Practitioners with a background in TCM have learned the most comprehensive, consistent, and researched set of natural healing modalities to address your health and wellness. Click here for more information.