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    We know there is a lot of information out there about wellness and nutrition. Rather than wasting time and money trying to figure it out for yourself through trial and error, why not consult professionals who have dedicated their lives to health and wellness?

    Our 3-month programs are designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and results. By consulting wellness experts educated and licensed in a complete holistic system of diagnosis and treatment, you can address the cause of your symptoms and achieve an advanced state of wellness.

    Instead of chasing the latest diet or fitness trend, we believe the ultimate solution is to customize by using a holistic system (TCM) proven to provide results because healthcare is personal.

    If you have consulted a medical professional because you don't feel well and were told there is nothing wrong with you and your medical tests came back normal (or not), we can help explain not only why you don't feel well, but we can provide a solution.

    Stop guessing! Experience Gets Results

    Lynne Vance, RN, LAc, describes her online wellness practice offering custom programs with clinical-grade supplements.

    Common symptoms addressed

    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Low Sex Drive
    • Symptoms of Menopause
    • Difficult Periods & Fertility
    • Chronic Pain
    • Digestive Problems
    • Insomnia & more!

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    What clients are saying!

    Lynne had a huge impact on my life when my husband was dying. Her western medical background, combined with her knowledge of Eastern medicine, kept me physically and mentally well in his last few months. Because of her suggestions, my husband was able to stay at home without nurses until his passing. For a couple of years she continued to treat me, preventing me from becoming ill one day during that stressful time.  Lynne has the talent and background to treat both body and mind, Having one person, instead of a multitude of professionals made all the difference in my life.

    Sharon, Santa Barbara, CA

    Through Lynne’s nutritional counseling, I learned cold and raw foods, like the smoothies I’d been drinking, were slowing my digestion, and causing my body to work harder and become sluggish.  Using a few of the suggestions given, I feel much better throughout my entire day.

    Tanika, Crofton, MD

    Lynne has really helped me to reduce my overall stress level by introducing me to holistic medicine. The benefit of this is that I made adjustments to my thinking and attitudes which has spurredpositive change in several areas of my life!

    Roxann, Ventura, CA

    Lynne is very knowledgeable about what her patients need! She did acupuncture on me for a pinched nerve and sciatic pain! She really made the pain bearable and it eventually stopped the problem.

    Fran, Yardley, PA

    As a Certified Athletic Trainer, acupuncturist, and a patient, Lynne not only helps me with my own wellness needs, but I often seek her counsel for my practice due to her knowledge of western medicine and skill with Chinese herbs.  

    Gerry, New York, NY