Professional Support and Brand Value

Improve clinical outcomes and add brand value to your business by providing your clients with customized treatment to address health and wellness needs.

We believe in responsible herbal dispensing and offer prescription supplement solutions for physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, nutritionists, coaches, estheticians and other healthcare providers without training or education in this area.

Acupuncturists will find that patients with advanced deficiency will recover faster and more fully with the integration of herbal formulas as opposed to acupuncture alone.

For nutritionists, we can provide support for vegan/vegetarian clients who may not be able to achieve their goals with nutrition and/or supplements alone.

Coaches can facilitate clients to engage in self-care and enhance their ability to change by improving their health.

Spa professionals can provide added value to clients by offering supplemental care for those with skin issues like acne and rosacea. Additionally, herbal formulas are able to treat women's health issues, increase energy and vitality, and reduce menopausal symptoms.

Contact us to find out how partnering with Healthcare Harmonics can provide value-added benefit and generate client loyalty.

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