programs offered at healthcare harmonics

After consulting with your professional, one of the three programs listed here will be recommended as a result of your consultation and review of health history. All of our comprehensive wellness programs include the following:

  • 30 minute live consultation (required for safety)

  • Extensive review of medical history and intake form

  • Lifestyle recommendations to maximize results

  • Delivery of supplements

Fees listed on this site are subject to change. Clients with advanced needs may need to take more than one formula at a time which may increase the cost. Monthly payment plans are available.

We offer flexible programs for clients in ongoing treatment and referred by a healthcare professional

If you are being treated by a healthcare professional and referred to our service, your treatment will not include lifestyle recommendations. Instead of purchasing a complete program, consultation fees are waived and only supplements will be invoiced.

You will receive your invoice with a prescription included. Once the invoice is paid, the supplements will be sent directly to an address you choose. Pricing varies depending on treatment recommendation.