Individualized solutions for your wellness needs

you are unique

The future of healthcare is personal. The core belief here at Healthcare Harmonics is that one approach to healthcare does not fit all. What works for you depends upon your genetics, environment, occupation, lifestyle, diet, etc.

You may be perfectly healthy, but don't feel good

Our modern condition combined with engineered food supply and environmental toxicity has contributed to changes in our bodies, that are often undetected by medical testing.  As a result, we suffer from symptoms like exhaustion, sluggish digestion, gas & bloating, poor mental function, depression & anxiety, low libido, infertility, chronic pain and more.

If left alone, these symptoms may eventually manifest in chronic issues like headaches, allergies, diabetes, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel and other digestive ailments, autoimmune disorders, menstrual imbalances like fibroids and PCOS, and worse.

Why your other supplements and wellness solutions are not working

There are many theories regarding health and wellness. In an attempt to find relief, we turn to the health food store isle, or online to find the latest superfood, supplement regimen, or trendy diet to alleviate our symptoms. The problem is, none of these generic solutions are targeted specifically for your unique condition.

The question becomes, how do we know what will work for us? If you have tried multiple supplements or diets, only to find little relief, it may be that there was nothing wrong with the supplements or diets, but they were not useful for your specific condition.

Our treatments are based on theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a complete holistic system of illness prevention. Even if you have a medical condition, TCM provides solutions specific to each person to aid the healing process.

We offer options to bring your life back into balance

Instead of chasing the latest diet or fitness trend, we believe the ultimate solution is to customize your wellness program using a holistic system proven to provide results. Our concept is based on foods and supplements that will address your specific needs.

you will receive information on lifestyle changes, foods to avoid or indulge, and what type of exercise will be most beneficial

If you have consulted a medical professional because you don't feel well and were told there is nothing wrong with you and your medical tests came back normal, we can help explain not only why you don't feel well, but we can provide a solution.

Healthcare Harmonics is about a balanced, individualized, and healthy approach to wellness using natural solutions to make your life sing!

The value of professional assistance

Many natural supplements interfere with medications. There are also times when taking a supplement can cause side effects or harm, if not taken properly. By utilizing a licensed healthcare professional, you can be sure that your personalized solution is safe and effective.

To provide an accurate assessment, we conduct mandatory online video consultations to help guide you toward a natural solution to address your health needs. Very specific formulas are recommended based on your individual circumstances.

Our supplements are superior:

Unlike supplements you can find in health food stores, our supplements are clinical-grade. Our suppliers only sell to licensed healthcare professionals with adequate training and education.

Because safety is our highest priority, we source our capsules from suppliers who participate in voluntary testing for purity and efficacy and have documentation for every batch of herbs sold.  This is also why exams are required for purchase.

Additionally, our suppliers have committed to CITES Protection and sustainable farming practices.

Our dedication to your health

Healthcare Harmonics was created by a registered nurse acpuncturist, who believes that wellness begins with prevention of disease.

Lynne Vance, RN, LAC - fouder of healthcare harmonics

Lynne Vance, RN, LAC - fouder of healthcare harmonics

She chose to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), because it was a complete healing system that incorporated acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork, and energy exercises, like tai chi and qi gong.  At the core of the TCM system, is the concept of balance.

After 15 years of experience treating thousands of patients with many chronic health problems, she found many of her patients were frustrated.  Despite participating in the latest food or fitness trends, these patients still suffered chronic, subjective health complaints and concerns.

Many patients were actually contributing to their conditions by eating too many raw foods, drinking ice cold smoothies, juicing, and taking metabolism-boosting supplements that were causing more stress to their bodies.

This caused her patients to suffer setbacks, and left many patients exhausted, injured, and spending more and more money in order to feel good. They were frustrated with the lack of progress with their conditions, despite doing what they believed to be healthy. 

Shocked by the amount of misinformation in the wellness industry, she used her background in both eastern and western sciences, to create effective wellness solutions.

Lifestyle change and true wellness are possible, if we understand how are bodies work.  When we acknowledge how our health is improved by changing ourselves, balance is achieved.